Sony KDL40V5100 Television Review-Another Excellent Entry

I normally approve of Sony Bravias on general principles, because nearly every one of them is a high-quaity piece with great picture, great sound and more options than a stock exchange.  The Sony Bravia KDL40V5100 is no exception to Sony’s standard lineup of quality pieces.

The Sony Bravia KDL40V5100 is a forty inch 1080p LCD with a USB slot, Bravia link capability, MotionFlow technology to reduce blurring, four HDMI inputs, one HD component input, one HD combo input, and a PC input.

This really is an excellent television.  The picture is marvelously clear, the sound is high-quality, and I tell you this, that MotionFlow system really does do a bang-up job on the whole thing.  I couldn’t spot an artifact no matter how close I got.  Even the controls are nice and intuitive.  This beauty may list for about thirteen hundred bucks, but on Amazon you can get it for just over nine hundred, and that’s no small discount.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Sony KDL40V5100 for anyone looking for a new television.