Sony KDL 55v5100 Television Review-Mostly Good

Sony has given me a lot of interesting topics over the months–I’ve seen great pieces and not so great pieces, pieces that make me ashamed to be a writer and pieces that make me glad to be alive.  And today I’ll be talking about the Sony KDL55V510, one of those pieces that falls mostly in between, but weighted to the good side.

The Sony KDL55V5100 is a fifty five inch 1080p LCD television with two built in speakers, game mode, TruSurround capability, four standard sound modes, Bravia Sync, two component inputs, two composite inputs, four HDMI inputs, one optical digital audio output, one PC input, one S-video input and two USB inputs.

The good part about this television is that the controls are great and the sound quality is just as solid.  But there’s a down side here–a very small one, but one nonetheless–there are artifacts at very close range, but that’s almost to be expected.  And you can get this mostly high caliber piece for just under seventeen hundred bucks on Amazon.

It’s mostly good, so if you’re in the market, the Sony KDL55V5100 is definitely one to add to the list.