Sony KDL 20S3000 LCD TV

Today, we are witness to wider screened TVs, mostly of LCD technology. Affordability and price have become a problem for most as these new breed of LCD TVs don’t come cheap. Hence, while the shift towards advanced TV enjoyment is evident, perhaps this 20” LCD TV from Sony, the Sony KDL 20S3000 LCD TV, may be something that may make sense both in demands and financial capacity.

If you are looking for a small LCD TV then you can’t really go wrong with this Sony, but if you’re a little bit baffled by the pretty unhelpful product labelling system employed by Sony then it’s probably worth talking a little bit about the KDL-20S3000’s technical specifications and what kind of things it’s capable of, as well as what kind of environment would best suit it’s use

The only downside to the Sony KDL-20S3000 is its relatively small size that may be unsuitable for medium to large size spaces, and arguably the lack of a second HDMI might be a problem for some but by no means all customers.

(Source) Gadget Heaven