Sony Introduces VPL-GH10 SXRD Projector

Sony is introducing its new VPL-GH10 SXRD Projector. It is Sony’s first SXRD high-resolution professional projector specifically designed for the  simulation, training and industrial visualization markets. The Sony VPL-GH10 SXRD Projector incorporates Sony’s unique Motionflow high frame rate technology that is essential in identifying and removing blurry images from all the fast moving content.

“By combining full high-definition resolution and stunning contrast ratios with this built-in smear reduction capability this new projector provides highly accurate visual cues,” said Andre Floyd,marketing manager for SXRD systems at Sony Electronics. “These technologies will allow the creation of more realistic simulations and training imagery, enhancing the effectiveness of simulation and training programs.”

The new Sony VPL-GH10 SXRD Projector delivers images in full HD 1920 x 1080 resolutions with its 1.6x zoom lens. Producing fast 60 frames per second rate, this projector is expected to be available in the market around spring 2009.

Via: Sony