Sony HTIS100 Review-Big Sound, Tiny Speakers

These may well be the smallest speakers I’ve ever seen in a home theatre package before, folks.  Like, EVER.  When I first saw the Sony HTIS100 sitting on a shelf, I was absolutely mystified by the speakers.  So much so that I was seized with an overwhelming compulsion.

Frantically I reached into my pocket and pulled out a quarter.  George’s face sat there, serenely, as though saying “Dude…try it.”  And so I agreed with George and held his likeness up against the speaker.  Sure enough, the speaker grill was almost completely covered up by George’s grinning mug.

But here’s the really WEIRD part–the sound that emerged from these speakers was downright amazing.

And that’s not the only downright amazing thing here, either–the Sony HTIS100 comes with a huge array of features and options, including 3 HDMI out jacks, 1080p capability, fifty watt speakers and a two hundred watt subwoofer.  When you hear quality sound pouring out of speakers large enough to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, you know you’re looking at something REALLY special.

And a fast way to describe the Sony HTIS100?  Something really special.