Sony HTCT100 Speaker Review-Great For Small Spaces

Today we’re going to talk about something a little unusual–the Sony HTCT100 sound bar home theater system.

The Sony HTCT100 home theater system is just one simple sound bar, containing three fifty watt sort of sub-speakers (that’s not exactly what it is but it’s a good way to describe it) along with a hundred watt subwoofer, which means essentially it’s a 3.1 channel system.  It offers digital cinema auto calibration, HDMI repeater, 1080p HDMI inputs, and S-Force PRO front surround.

This is actually a really great idea if you only have a small space and still want a powerful speaker system.  The sound output is almost shockingly powerful for the small size–I was thoroughly amazed by the output here.  It sounds like a much bigger speaker system, and it fits into such a small space.

Consider further that this relatively small system offers over three and a half times the power output of most television speakers (I haven’t seen included television speakers go over forty watts total, and just the bar boasts a hundred and fifty), and even better that you can get this on Amazon for the unusual price of $246.59.

The Sony HTCT100 sound bar is a fantastic sound system for small spaces and at a pretty decent price.  So if you don’t have the room for a high-power five or seven channel system, but still want bigger sound than included television speakers can yield, you should love this system.