Sony Has A LED 3DTV With Blacks And Bloomers

Sony’s previous TV set model, the KDL-55XBR8 featured full-array local-dimming LED backlight and great picture quality two years ago. However, it was a pretty costly device for home entertainment. Now Sony is ready to follow up that model with another costly TV set called the XBR-X909 series. It features deep black levels although its picture quality doesn’t seem to measure up well against other brands. According to Crave, the new LED 3DTV has significant problems with blooming and color accuracy, so this model might not be worth its retail price.

Furthermore, you’ll also be paying for 3D glasses, an IR emitter, 3D content, and an additional device if you want a true 3D experience on the XBR-X909. In addition to this, Crave reports that this Sony model is somewhat lacking in image quality when compared to the other 2010 TV sets with 3D capability. Nonetheless, the XBR-X909 does some redeeming specifications, which include best-in-class design and reliable streaming video but those who are seeking 3DTV sets with better picture quality should try another brand.