Sony: Glasses-Free 3DTVs Still a Thing of the Future

3D televisions are quickly becoming the talk of the town with just about every major manufacturer looking to get down on the fun. However, seeing how the televisions are still priced quite high they may not be a viable solution for everyone.

Aside from the high price tags, many consumers don’t find it practical to put on a pair of 3D glasses everytime they want to watch a show. This is something that autostereoscopic displays, like the one included in the Nintendo 3DS, looks to remedy. However, this technology has its faults as in order to actually immerse yourself in 3D you have to be situated directly in front of the screen.

Due to this, Sony says, glasses-free 3DTvs are still a ways off. Add this to the faact that the technology incorporated in these displays are quite new, resulting in an extorted price tag, and you can see why Sony is hesitant to jump on the bandwagon.

Luckily, in the mean time, Sony has a whole slew of 3D televisions on the market today, if you’re willing to wear a pair of 3D glasses, that is.

via neoseeker