Sony has recently come up with an interesting product for Music lovers. GIGA JUKE HDD Deck is a ‘standalone’ HDD Recorder/CD player (FM/AM tuner built-in) designed for smooth integration with existing hi-fi systems. The Deck features a high-capacity 250GB hard disk drive capable of storing up to 375 hours of pure CD quality music (375 hours in Linear PCM or 11,100 hours in ATRAC 48kbps).

Employing high rigidity metal chassis, superior audio devices, aluminum front panel, circuitry such as EI core power transformer, separate power circuitry for audio and, 24bit/192kHz D/A converter, the GIGA JUKE HDD Deck actualizes a higher sound quality.
When downloading tracks to your WALKMAN® or personal audio player GIGA JUKE HDD Deck converts tracks into the more efficient MP3 file format. Using unique intelligent software NAC-HD1E HDD stores, labels, and organizes your music in its monolithic internal hard drive. It also supports linear PCM transfers. The GIGA JUKE HDD Deck will ship from June 2007. You can get it at pre-order from Sony retail stores or booking online at Sony’s official website.

Via: Sony