Sony Europe Extends RHT-G Line Up

Sony Europe is proud to extend its RHT-G Line up with three new models. All the three new models of this line up are available for a range of TV sizes. The new models launched are RHT-G950, RHT-G1550 and RHT-G550. The first model is designed for 40-46” TVs, while the second model has been designed for 46-55” sets and the last model is for 32-40” screens.

Sony’s new RHT-G950 and RHT-G1550 models come featuring 5.1 channel speaker arrays that are capable of delivering great power with a total output of 470W and 550W respectively. On the other hand, RHT-G550 incorporated 3.1 channel audio and delivers a combined output of 330W.

Both the RHT-950 and RHT-550 models sport space saving designed with rear corners of the unit cut in a stylish way. All the three models, incorporate the new S-Force PRO Front Surround technology from Sony. The RHT-950 and RHT-1550 models will be available in May 2009 and the RHT-550 model will be available in July 2009.