Sony E-Series projectors incorporate BrightEra 3-LCD technology


Sony announced that its latest E-Series Projectors will appear in the markets with the latest BrightEra 3-LCD technology. Marking a revolutionary entry in Sony’s product portfolio, the E-Series projectors will be a boon for the education and business market. The company will currently employ this technology in its four models of the E Series namely VPL-EX50, VPL-EX5, VPL-EX50 and VPL-EW5. The VPL-EX50 is Sony’s first high brightness projector with 2500 ANSI lumen while VPL-EW5 is Sony’s first native 1280 x 800 WXGA entry-level projector.


Robert Meakin, Product Manager for Sony Professional Solutions Europe, comments, “In an industry first, Sony is able to offer the unparalleled picture quality of BrightEra™ 3-LCD technology in an entry-level business projector. The competitively priced E-Series range uses the best technology available today to address key requirements in the business and education projector market. We also anticipate the flagship VPL-EW5 model to be successful for home entertainment due to its WXGA resolution.”

The company will give 5 years Prime Support to the customers purchasing the VPL-EX5, VPL-EX50 or VPL-EW5 projectors who register before 31 October 2008. Otherwise, you will get just 3 Years normal support.

Via: Sony