Sony DVP-FX850 Portable DVD


Sony has recently announced its DVP-FX850 for sale. The new DVD player with 180 degree rotary Kousei small 8V type liquid crystal panel is expected to hit the market from May 1st. It panel features a resolution of 800?480 pixel, 3.5 times pixels more than the current models available in the industry. DVP-FX850 offers the longest performance time approximately up to 6 hours*. SONY DVP-FX850 actualizes the long haul stamina continual playback of 2. The portable DVD will be sold at an expected price of 12,600 Yen (tax removal 12,000 Yen).

Product Features:

  • Video D/A converter: 12 bits 108Mhz
  • Audio D/A converter: 96kHz24 bit correspondence
  • Composite image input/output: 1 (there to be a mini- jack and an input/output Change-over Switch)
  • Analog voice input/output: 1 (there to be a stereo mini- jack and an input/output Change-over Switch)
  • Digital voice response: Dolby Digital/DTS corresponding light 1 (stereo mini- jack)* 9
  • Headphone terminal: 2
  • Charge time: Approximately 6 hours
  • Power supply voltage: AC100V-240V and 50/60Hz
  • Size (width ? height ? depth): Approximately 226? approximately 32? approximately 165 mm
  • Mass: Approximately 1.045Kg (the battery not to be included)
  • Battery mass: 295g
  • Accessory: AC adapter ?1, image audio cord/code ?1, wireless remote control ?1 and button electric battery ?1, other things

Via: Sony