Sony DVP-FX720 Portable DVD player


Sony has introduced its DVP-FX720 portable DVD player which is perfect for frequently traveling folks. This portable DVD player surely has all the facilities that one can ask for.

With a selective range of features like rechargeable battery capacities of 5 hours it can make anyone enjoy watching movies on the 16:9 widescreen 7” LCD display. The Stylish Glossy Design with a choice of Glamour Pink, Blazing Red, Indigo Blue and White Finish of the Sony DVP-FX720 Portable DVD player will be an added benefit.

The sound system of the DVD player is quite powerful with Embedded Speaker and Twin Headphone Jack for an excellent volume control. It is equipped with a USB Port for JPEG/MP3 playback; 12 bit/108MHz Video and 96 kHz/24 bit Audio, D/A Converter; Playback Audio CD and CD-R/RW with Audio, MP3 and JPEG files; DVD-R/-RW (Video Mode and VR Mode), DVD-R Dual Layer (Video Mode), DVD+R/+RW and DVD+R Dual Layer and DVD-R/-RW/-R DL/+R/+RW and CD-R/-RW with DivX etc superb features for quality audio.

Use it while you drive your car or chill your home out by using the Sony DVP-FX720 Portable DVD player from anywhere you want with its remote control and car adapter facilities.

In addition to DVDs, the DVP-FX720 can also play audio CDs and MP3 files as well as photo viewing from a CD. Its USB connector makes it easy to hook up a digital camera or USB flash drive and thus, viewing photos or listening to music downloads are very easy.

Via: Sony