Sony debuts Home Theater Systems with new S-AIR technology

Sony recently rolled out their four new models of home theater systems with the most modern S-AIR™ technology which is a complete wireless audio solution for multi-room listening. With the help of this S-AIR™ technology the systems will be able to provide wireless multi-room solution without complex set-up requirements. Not only this, the S-AIR technology also delivers audio wirelessly to rear surround speakers devoid of interfering with other devices.

These systems additionally come to the users with Sony’s Digital Media Port, which adds controlling, networking, and connectivity for music playback with a variety of elective accessories. Furthermore the home theater system models put forward a Dialogue Audio Enhancer with night mode which regulate for low dialogue when the volume is turned low. All the Home theater systems models will be available in the month of March.

Product Models


DAV-HDX576WF: The first in the group is DAV-HDX576WF model which is inclusive of one S-AIR Air Station receiver/speaker (AIR-SA10) and a wireless rear speaker kit (WAHT-SA10). It also offers height amendable floor standing speakers intended to go with the fashion and height of BRAVIA televisions. This model will be accessible for about $500.


DAV-HDX277WC: The DAV-HDX277WC model includes one S-AIR Air Station receiver/speaker (AIR-SA10) with an choice to insert a rear wireless speaker kit which is sold separately(WAHT-SA10). This model can be brought at $400.


DAV-HDX279W: DAV-HDX279W model comes to the users with the rear wireless speaker kit (WAHT-SA10) with an option to add S-AIR Air Station receiver/speakers for multi-room audio. This model would cost the users about $400.

DAV-HDX275: The DAV-HDX275 system comes operational with S-AIR-Ready technology with a choice to adjoin a rear wireless speaker kit (WHAT-SA10) and an S-AIR transmitter (EZW-T100) with S-AIR Air Stations (AIR-SA10). The model of home theater can be all yours at just $300.

Incorporated headphone outputs permit the user to easily enjoy home theater without troubling others. The rear wireless speaker kit would be available in March for about $149.

Via: Sony