Sony Debuts ‘Eco’ BRAVIA VE5 LCD TV Series

Sony Corp. USA, following the ‘Eco’ trend unveiled the new BRAVIA VE5 series of power-saving energy efficient televisions. Incorporating a zero-watt standby power switch with motion and light sensors, it minimizes energy consumption while maintaining the quality BRAVIA is famous for. The series comprises of KDL-52VE5 52-inch, KDL-46VE5 46-inch and KDL-40VE5 40-inch versions.

“Sony is constantly ranked as one of the most environmentally conscious consumer electronics companies in the industry,” said Randy Waynick, senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Home Products Division. “Our new Eco TVs represent the company’s commitment not only to saving the environment, but also to saving consumers money through lower power consumption.”

All models of the BRAVIA ‘Eco’ series are bestowed with Sony’s exclusive micro-tubular Hot Cathode Fluorescent Lamp (HCFL). The HCFL models consume 40 percent less power than the normal LCD’s of Sony. Moreover, Sony’s intelligent Presence Sensor automatically turns off the picture if no one is present nearby after a user defined time and turns it back on as soon as it detects motion.

Key Specs:

  • The BRAVIA Engine™ 2
  • BRAVIA Sync™
  • Sony’s Motionflow™ 120Hz Technology
  • Energy Saving Zero Watt Power Switch
  • 24p True Cinema™
  • 4 HDMI input
  • Single PC, component, composite and S-video inputs
  • Favorites menu
  • Energy Star ® 3.0 Compliance

The Sony ‘Eco’ BRAVIA VE5 LCD TV Series is expected to be available in summer.

Via: Sony