Sony DAVHDX589W Home Theater System-Keep The Receipt

It’s strange to write about the Sony DAVHDX589W as it’s clearly intended to be a higher end model, yet it doesn’t seem to operate ON the high end at all.

The Sony DAVHDX589W is a 5.1 channel surround sound system with included five disc DVD player that will upconvert your DVDs to 1080p.  The system also includes four satellite speakers and one center channel speaker, as well as a subwoofer.  Featured in this system is an iPod dock, multiple built-in surround sound decoders, support for a variety of video and audio formats, AM / FM tuner, BRAVIA Theater Sync, S-AIR compatibility, one coaxial digital audio input, one optical digital audio input, one analog audio input, one stereo mini audio input, one Digital Media Port, one HDMI output, one component video output, one composite video output and one headphone output.

There’s definitely enough bells and whistles on the Sony DAVHDX589W  to justify its four hundred and thirty dollar price tag, but if you do decide to go with this system, keep the receipt.  The model I heard was scratchy and unpleasant to listen to, even if there was plenty of power in the system.  A thousand watts is fantastic, but when you’re losing efficiency to pops and hisses from the speaker, there’s just no point any more.