Sony DAV-IS50, HTD-890IS and HT-IS100 Home Theater in a Box Systems


Sony has introduced its latest DAV-IS50, HTD-890IS and HT-IS100 Home Theater in a box beautifully designed in attractive black colored casing along with the tiny speakers to rest in your palm.


The DAV-IS50 is an eye-catching home theatre system that consumes 450watts of power to provide amazing sound experience for the customers. The users can play multimedia formats including DVD/CD/MP3 player and RDS FM/AM radio to enjoy music, movies or to listen to current news. These wireless speakers provide pure sound even in your large room and you can set them anywhere in your room. It will surely let you to listen to crystal clear sound form the play ground while watching match. You can also avail of Sony’s Digital Media Port range to rivulet music from your handy device to DAV-IS50.


The HTD-890IS comes integrated with unique speaker technology. It allows lets the users add a DVD/Hard Disk recorder along with 160GB capability. It has plenty of advanced features like, Sync, digital cinema auto calibration and digital media port that enables the users to get a better experience. The users can also use the wireless speakers in the device by using an add-on module. Sony’s HTD HTD-890IS has the capacity to save the played videos up to 455 hours in its hard disk and moreover, you can play the recorded events up to a month ahead with the help of its programme guides along with GuidePlus. The HTD-890IS also supports two USB ports, JPEG images, PictBridge printer, MP3 files, CD-R/RW or USB storage and a many more.


Sony HT-IS100 is a better choice for such users who have Blu-ray Disc™ player or a DVD player. It can unite all the surround processing and amplification in a single subwoofer unit. The users can handle the surround sound formats on DVD by using S-Master digital amplification and excellent surround-sound processing. The HT-IS100 also features digital media port and digital cinema auto calibration for better results and allows the users to have unspoken experience.

Sony DAV-IS50, HTD-890IS and HT-IS100 Home Theater in a Box Systems will be available in market soon and the customers can purchase to enjoy their personal “home theater”.

Via: Press