Sony DAV-IS10


The best and worst thing about the Sony DAV-IS10 is the same thing: the tiny speakers (smaller than a tennis ball in diameter). On the plus side, the speakers deliver great sound quality and are among the easiest to disguise which is great, especially if you have a small room. On the down side, the quality only get optimal at the highest volume and the placement is crucial and finicky.

You may even end up heaving one against a wall before set up is complete if you are prone to do such things, but once they are in exactly the right place, they’re awesome. At $500 retail, the Sony DAV-IS10 is a good basic system which includes everything a beginner needs for home theater, especially for a small to medium sized room. Great sound and picture quality with optional Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth connectivity is available. Like lots of entry level boxed sets expandability is difficult.