Sony DAV-DZ560 BRAVIA Home Theater


Sony DAV-DZ560 BRAVIA Home Theater is a perfect example of the device that integrates style, simplicity and superb performance. The latest model will adore the BRAVIA TV perched in your rooms. You can take benefit of the BRAVIA Theater Sync technology that allows control of all connected devices via one remote control.

With the Sony’s Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration one can easily set up automatic multi channel surround sound. Users can connect portable and wireless music devices with Sony’s DIGITAL MEDIA PORT. The DAV-DZ560 Home Theater upscales existing DVD collections to 1080p.

The Home Theater features a Dialogue Enhancer for clearer dialogue. It is great that the Home Theater delivers best sound balance even at low volume. The Night Mode with Dialogue Enhancer makes the speech clear at low volume.

Via: Sony