Sony Color Headsets


Sony Europe recently rolled out five latest headsets for style savvy people. These headsets are available in chic colour variations of black/silver and black/metallic orange. Sony headsets are engineered to produce clear voice and sound transmission. Thanks to Sony Acoustic Twin Turbo Circuits and a Silent Cap Design that reduce the leakage of sound. These lightweight headsets possess adjustable headbands for comfort.


DR-220DPS is a headband PC headset available in metallic orange and silver.

DR-220DPV is a headset with volume control. It is available in metallic orange and silver.

DR-G250DP is ideal for globetrotters. This purple colored headset is ideal for attending Internet Calls. It has padded ear pads for long lasting wearing comfort.


DR-260USBS made for MAC computers and USB preference feature removable USB audio box for volume and microphone sound control.

DR-115DP with a single sided design have swivel feature for easy right to left ear switching. These are available in grey/blue.

DR-EX230DP is in-ear silicon ear-buds for ultimate comfort. It let users connect to VoIP and Skype through your PC.


  • DR-220DPS/TM – €24.99
  • DR-220DPVS/TM – €29.99
  • DR-G250DP – €39.99
  • DR-260USBS – €59.99
  • DR-115DP – €21.99
  • DR-EX230DP – €44.99

Via: Sony