Sony BRX-A250 small-sized HDD recorder with the network TV box BRX-NT1


Sony unveiled its small-sized HDD recorder BRX-A250 married with the network TV box BRX-NT1 to complement your Sony BRAVIA series Televisions. The BRX-A250 recorder has a built in digital hi-vision tuner. The latest models are designed to work seamlessly with the new Sony BRAVIA X7000, X5050, X5000, W5000, V5000, V3000, J5000 and J3000 series. Sony’s BRX-NT1 IPTV box comes with VOD (video on demand) function. Both devices can be operated via single remote control. BRX-A250 and BRX-NT1 meet the space demands with their compact design. The BRX-A250 allows users to record shows onto a 250GB HDD. The Sony BRX-A250 and the Network TV box BRX-NT1 are expected to ship from November 20th in Japan. There is no word regarding the price.

Via: Sony