Sony Bravia ZX1 Debuts in India

The Sony Bravia ZX1 officially debuted in India, showcasing one of the thinnest LCDs in the world of LCD TV today. Sony has been a reliable brand in the industry and surely this new debut which kicks off in India should be a sign of things to come.

Sony Bravia ZX1 uses LED technology to light up the screen, instead of fluorescent lamps. The screen features two integrated speakers and a woofer, producing 20 Watts of sound – each speaker producing 5 Watts of sound and woofer producing 10 Watts of sound.

Sony India is aggressively trying to get a larger piece of the LCD sector and hopefully the Sony Bravia ZX1 is their ticket to fulfill that goal. Sony is eyeing a 30% market share of the LCD segment.

(Source) UB News