Sony Bravia XEL-01 OLED TV Arrives in Britain

This is the thinnest OLED TV available so far, the Sony Bravia XEL-1, and it has just gone on sale today in Britain. Well, considering the fact that it costs ?3,489 or about $4,944, it’s not quite a sale item.

The XEL-01 is light, it uses WiFi and it can be moved around anywhere in the house. And let’s not forget about that image quality. The OLED display will get you a 1,000,000:1 contrast and some astounding colors. However you will have to deal with only just 11 inches of TV experience, but there aren’t any bigger OLED displays yet.

Sony shops will get the XEL-01 this week while other shops will get it until March. So, ready to spend almost $5,000 for a small TV?

via Telegraph