Sony has launched its most attractive and innovative Bravia XDV-W600 portable 1Seg TV. The latest and eye-catching 1Seg TV allows users to enjoy a lot more anywhere and anytime. It has AM and FM radio too for its better performances. Moreover, it is waterproof and performs quite well.

The Sony Bravia XDV-W600 TV also sports a mini 4 inches LCD screen, which can unfurl the resolution up to 272 x 480 for brilliant images. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and AA batteries. As a result, users will have no problem of running out the battery during their journey. The battery also lets users watching TV up to 23 hours at one time recharge.

The Sony Bravia XDV-W600 waterproof portable 1Seg TV will be available at a suggested price of 39,800 Japanese Yen.