Sony BRAVIA RHT-G500 Theatre integrated TV stand


Sony BRAVIA has come up with its latest integrated TV stand RHT-G500, which offers a good surround sound, when the system is kept veiled in a TV stand. The RHT-G500 is better than RHT-G900 and G1500 in its features. It is well designed for 32 to 40” TVs.

The RHT-G500 offers amazing sound from different multimedia sources, such as TV, DVD players and satellite/cable/terrestrial digital set-up boxes. Users can avail of superior and perfect sound from a Blu-ray Disc™ player that also enables the users to get a completely new world of excellent high-definition audio.

The RHT-G500 BRAVIA Theatre supports BRAVIA™ Sync technology that allows the customers to operate all from its single remote control. If you press the ‘Play’ button on the remote, it will play all devices automatically including playing your movie in interesting encircle sound.

For better connectivity, the latest RHT model supports three HDMI inputs and a monitor output to provide high-definition video through its integrated Blu-ray Disc™ player to the latest LCD TVs of Sony BRAVIA. Moreover, it proves a better integrated TV stand RHT-G500 and doesn’t fail to pull notice of the people at first sight and it will be available in the market before long.

Via: Sony