Sony Bravia Home Theatre-Amazing Sound, Huge Price

Dropping four hundred bucks on a surround sound system generally doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.  Seriously, it doesn’t–if you’re a careful shopper you can assemble most of a full-on home theatre system for that price.  So if you’re going to drop that kind of money on a system you’d better be sure it’s good.

Thankfully the Sony Bravia home theatre system, featuring a five-disc DVD / CD changer with a thousand watts of output, 1080p display capability, five speakers, digital cinema auto calibration systems and the Sony S-AIR receiver that allows sound to be transmitted wirelessly to other rooms, definitely qualifies as good.

The sound quality is fantastic, especially considering that the included speakers in the Bravia kit look a LOT like the speakers you might find on someone’s desktop computer.  But that minor, admittedly rather odd, detail aside, this is really a rather nice array of material, and further admittedly, you ARE getting a whole lot of value with this system.  You get the speakers AND the five-disc changer AND the S-AIR system (how cool is that?  You’re watching a movie and you need to go, say, to the bathroom or to move your laundry from the washer to the dryer.  You can still hear the movie, because it’s rebroadcasting to the other room through the S-AIR unit.) in one four hundred dollar package.  That’s pretty nice.

Yes, the price IS pretty sizable, but considering what all you’ll get, this may be a better value than anyone wants to give it credit for.