Sony BRAVIA D3000-Series KDL-46D3000

.Sony offers its customers a unique combination of user-friendly convenience with advanced image technologies in its new Sony BRAVIA D3000-Series. Sony KDL-46D3000 is a 46-inch LCD TV that makes it easier for you to enjoy everything from Blu-ray Disc™ to High Definition TV.

With BRAVIA Theatre Sync users can control the compatible devices connected via HDMI™ with the touch of a single button. With the new functionality just by turning off the TV, BD/DVD player and the amplifier automatically power down.

Watch movies at the original 24 frames per second as are displayed in a Cinema. With BRAVIA bring Cinema to your home. Sony KDL-46D3000 boosts the refresh rate from the standard 50Hz to 100Hz using Motionflow +100Hz technology. The result is smoother and clear pictures are obtained on the screen.

“Visually, the ‘BRAVIA’ D3000-Series is all about using powerful technologies to achieve subtle but crucial improvements,” says Andreas Ditter – Director TV Operations Europe. “This is the key to its strength. We’ve all seen several TVs side by side in the showroom and quickly picked out one as the best, but not necessarily because the others were bad. We just notice the small differences and instinctively home in on the one set that is most lifelike, most convincing. Very probably it will be a D3000-Series.”

Via: Sony