Sony BDV-T10 Home Theater System Review-Fantastic System

Folks, I’m REALLY happy to be talking about the Sony BDV-T10 home theater system because it’s easily one of the better ones that I’ve found available in stores.  Sure, maybe it’s no match for some of these really monster setups, but those are out of most ordinary people’s price ranges anyway.  This one is surprisingly affordable and comes with plenty of features.

The Sony BDV-T10 is a 5.1 channel surround sound system that boasts a blu-ray player (that also upconverts your regular DVDs), six speakers (one of which is a subwoofer), a hundred and thirty three watts output, one component video input, one composite video input, one HDMI input, two digital audio inputs, one component video output, two S-video outputs, two stereo audio outputs, an iPod dock, and S-air wireless audio capability.

The sound on this thing is terrific, and the fact that it’s got a blu-ray player is even more so.  Now, like I said, it’s the value on this thing that’s actually what’s great.  It may not be a competition for the biggest and baddest sound systems out there, but unlike them, you can get the Sony BDV-T10 for five hundred bucks.  That’s not half bad for a setup with this kind of sheer utility, not to mention sheer capability.