Sony BDV-E770W Home Theater System Review-Powerful and Pricey

All right, home theater buffs, I’ve got something new and interesting, if a bit heavy in the pocketbook hit, for you today–a big, powerful Sony home theater system that goes by the name of the BDV-E770W.

The Sony BDV-E770W is a 5.1 channel home theater system with a thousand watts total power output that comes with a Blu-ray player, internet connectivity for access to the huge volume of content that comes from places like YouTube and Netflix, 3D readiness (once you tack on a load of extra components), a variety of surround sound decorders like Dolby Pro Logic II and IIX, Dolby TrueHD and several others, a variety of playback capabilities, wireless S-AIR rear speakers, included WiFi, a passive subwoofer, iPhone / iPod compatibility (no dock, but it’s wirelessly compatible here), one HDMI input, one component video output, and one HDMI output.

I really liked hearing the sound output on this one, and there was definitely a whole lot of extra options that really expand this into a multi-purpose home theater system that fits in just about anywhere.  It’s not even that difficult to operate.  Though I’m not exactly happy with the lack of older connectors, but if you’ve got gear with HDMI ports this shouldn’t be an issue.

But like I said, this thing’s going to be a kick in the wallet–Best Buy wants six hundred bucks for the Sony BDV-E770W, and that’s a sale price.  Make no mistake, this is a very high quality system, and quality should cost accordingly.  But for most people, this may be priced a bit out of range for a lot of people.  If you’re willing to save up for it, though, you should be pretty happy here.