Sonopress Passes 1 Million Mark in Hybrid SACD Discs Made

Sonopress announced that it has reached a milestone in its manufacture of Hybrid SACD discs. On August 5th, it passed the 1 Million mark of Hybrid SACD discs that it has manufactured at the Sonopress production line at Gьtersloh, Germany. This figure covers more than 400 different Hybrid layer SACD titles from over 50 labels that sell Hybrid SACD discs.

Hybrid SACDs use a special process that results in a disc with both a conventional CD layer and a Super Audio CD layer. The result is a disc that is compatible with both CD and SACD players.

Sonopress says that “shortly after SACD was launched, it soon became clear that this revolutionary technology was being received very enthusiastically by both the music sector and by end-users. SACD delivers superior sound reproduction quality to consumers, offering them an unmatched ability to reproduce the original source with state-of-the-art fidelity.”

The growing demand for Hybrid SACD disc production has encouraged Sonopress to install a second production line which is scheduled to double the Gьtersloh plant’s capacity starting in September, as part of its partnership agreement with Philips (see our earlier story on increases in SACD disc production below).