Sonopress Launches DualDisc in the European Market

Sonopress has launched DualDisc, a CD/DVD combination, at this week’s Popkomm exhibition in Berlin, held between September 14th and 16th. The company’s news release is as follows:

Until recently, unlike vinyl records, only one side of a CD could be played – it couldn’t be turned over, and didn’t have a B side. The new DualDisc has a DVD on its reverse side, allowing artists to create in exciting new ways using audio, video and computer content – all on a single, two-sided disc.

The benefits for consumers speak for themselves: with one side as a full-length CD audio album, the DVD side may now include enhanced album audio, 5.1 surround sound, music videos, artist interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, documentary films, photo galleries, lyrics, computer-ready digital song files, and web links. It all depends on the artist and the marketing concept. It means, for instance, that consumers can watch and listen to a concert (complete with artist interviews and other content “extras”) on their DVD player at home, and can also now enjoy the music from the concert on their in-car CD player as they travel to work.

The DVD side plays wherever a DVD would normally play – including many gaming consoles and computers. In a PC, the DVD side acts like a DVD-ROM on DualDiscs that include computer extras and web links. The CD side plays on all but a limited number of CD and DVD models.

Many DualDiscs include surround sound mixes that have been specially created during the recording process. Listening to them on a 5.1 channel surround system will provide a rich, three-dimensional musical experience.

The dual disc is an attractive product that offers considerable added value to music consumers,” said Sven Deutschmann, Sonopress CEO, Western Europe. “With this new offering, Sonopress considerably enhances its service portfolio for the music industry.

The new medium is being pioneered in Germany by Sony BMG, who have just delivered the first DualDisc titles to stores at the end of August. Sonopress in Gütersloh, Germany, is producing the new silver discs, which are available throughout Europe. Sonopress is among the few replication facilities worldwide capable of producing the DualDiscs, at their replication facilities in Gütersloh and Weaverville, USA. They not only have the advanced DualDisc replication technology, but have also achieved certification under the Recording Industry Association of America’s (RIAA) new DualDisc™ licensing logo program.

Sony BMG has been at the forefront since the new format’s introduction in the United States. About two million DualDiscs have already been sold since making their first appearance late last year, and the music industry expects more than 200 titles to be available in the new format by the end of this year.