Sonance Sonamp ASAP3D SE power amplifier

Sonance Sonamp ASAP3D SE power amplifier

Sonance has recently launched compact Sonamp ASAP3D SE power amplifier based on IcePower® digital-amplifier technology. The versatile amplifier sets global standards in terms of efficiency and performance. It is a combination of signal-switching and high performance stereo power.

“Sonance has employed all of our extensive experience working with leading custom-installers in the development of the ASAP3SE,” says Ari Supran, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for Sonance. “We know better than anyone what experienced integrators need. The ASAP3D SE is engineered to be a custom installer’s dream, a product that addresses a wide array of challenges, problems, and applications better than anything else on the market.”

The ASAP3D SE is capable of delivering 25 watts per channel to 8&#937 loads at 0.25% THD. Very less of waste heat, energy saving and high end audio quality makes it one versatile device to fall for. Its unique input facilities include line-level Local inputs, house and local speaker level inputs etc. The integrated infrared capability is amazing, thanks to dual mini-jack emitter outputs, standard 4-IR wire input and 2-wire IR Bus connection.

The BBE Sound Enhancement audio processing enhances the vocal presence and detail even at low listening levels. Shell out $399.00 and be the prized owner of such an amazing device.

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