Some of Toshibas REGZA displays come with built-in Blu-ray players

Toshiba is planning on outfitting two of its REGZA models with Blu-Ray players built right in. Granted, they may not record on Blu-ray, but you can know Blu-ray without buying a separate player.

This featuer will be on two models. The REGZA 32R1BDP has a 32-inch screen, contrast ratio 4,000:1 and 10W x 2 channel speakers. The REGZA 26R1BDP has a 26-inch screen, contrast ratio of 3,000:1, and 5W x 2 channel speakers. Both REGZA displays have WXGA resolution, digital and analog TV tuners, LAN connectivity, HDMI interface, as well as two USB ports.

The sets will be on sale in Japan only. The 32R1BDP will be for $1,400 while the 26R1BDP will cost $1,200.