Slingbox At This Years CES?

An exciting new prospect, folks–just caught this one about three minutes ago.  The word is that this year’s CES, which is going to be a hoot and a half as it sits (and I would be there in a HEARTBEAT if it weren’t better than an even bet I’d be stranded at a Las Vegas airport trying to get back home through some killer blizzard), is going to play host to a new and exciting development:  the newest line of Slingboxes.

A smaller and thinner Slingbox, specifically–see, Sling Media has been keeping really, really doggo for a goodish while now about any of their new products.  Thus, the possibility that slipped out only recently is a downright tantalizing one.  Is THIS what they were keeping quiet about?  Is this the rumor that’s going to shake things up for Slingbox?

Well, if not, there’s also two OTHER rumors for Sling Media–a Wi-Fi capable TV, and some sort of touchscreen device.  This gives them a little more to work with.  Especially the WiFi television, which links up real nicely with Slingbox’s overall tech package.

What’s coming out?  Well, we’ll have to wait for CES to find out.