Sling On AT&T Now?

So there’s a bit of news for Sling player users, especially those on the AT&T 3G network.

For a while, AT&T had a set of rules that essentially banned the SlingPlayer by banning place shifting of television signals.  Thus, Sling was left to only use WiFi to keep AT&T’s network from being involved at all.

But apparently something changed in AT&T’s corner offices because now, a new version of SlingPlayer has recently been released with support for the 3G network.

It’s hard to tell what exactly prompted this switch–maybe it was, as some suggest, the realization that AT&T’s 3G network can already handle Major League Baseball games via the MLB app, so it wasn’t like an episode of Two and a Half Men was going to crash the network.  Or maybe someone just got a little payola.  Who knows?

So now you can pretty much take your home theater with you anywhere you go thanks to Sling, and a little last-minute arm-twisting from AT&T.