Slim Stage Series



The main difference of the slim stage model is that they are functionally identical from each other. The size also differs as it establishes the sound pressure level and degree of bass. A distinctive mini-woofer modules are also integrated which employs Linear Magnetic Drive supported by a pair of submissive radiators in a preserved enclosure. The numbers of woofer modules which are operated in the bass range are determined from its width.

SlimStage Series features both digital and analog 5.1 signals which make it project convincing. With a graceful design the slim series measures just 3.5” x 3.7”D. Ypou can teem it up with any thick large screen flat panel or rear projection television.

Other features:

  • From multiple Extreme-Energy™ to deep bass response.
  • Productivity for external subwoofer and rear channels
  • Front control panel and display
  • Dolby® Digital Surround
  • High competence and sensible theater-level output levels from multiple internal class-D power amplifiers
  • RS232 serial control interface
  • Patented, single-plane Linear Magnetic Drive™ speaker array withdiscrete L+R rear channel drivers

Via: Soundmatters