Skyvisions NBV6 DVR Software Now Integrated in Stretch VRC6000 Series DVR Cards

Video processing just got easier as two of the leading components in video processing joined hands to combine the unprecedented performance of the Stretch VRC6000 Series with the rich feature set and reliability of the Skyvision NBV6 software. Skyvision’s DVR software is sold in over 40 countries across the world, and claims a 40 percent market-share position in mainland China.

Skyvision’s NBV6 software utilizes the true H.264 D1 hardware compression of the VRC6000 Series cards to deliver high quality video compression with a minimum of storage consumption. The feature-rich graphical user interface of the DVR application provides easy access to both recorded video and live video feeds. In addition, alarms generated from the VRC6000 cards’ embedded analytics can be used to optimize recording modes to capture the best possible record of the observed scene.

Skyvision NBV6 software is available immediately from Skyvision. Stretch VRC6000 Series DVR add-in cards are available from Stretch.

(Source) Press