Skloib TV Drehturm Combo

Normally, it would be advisable to put some distance for a standard TV and the home fireplace for safety reasons. However, this concept design by Skloib TV Drehturm which combines a TV and fireplace in one is certainly something worth checking out.

Called the TV Drehturm, this multimedia furniture unit reveals two sides, with one side holding the TV and A/V accessories and the other side holding a stylish fireplace. Multimedia furniture has always enticed me and the space-saving, trendy TV Drehturm is no exception. The form factor gives the furniture a feeling of spaciousness and makes for a compact solution to house some of your media and entertainment needs in one place. I couldna€™t figure out the pricing, but that doesna€™t matter for such an artistic piece of multimedia furniture.

(Source) Skloib