SiS 217H HDTV Processor Eyeing Taiwan Broadcasting Market

Silicon Integrated Systems announces a new HDTV processor in the SiS 217H, specifically eyeing the Tawian Broadcasting market. With most channels in Taiwan turning to HiHD terrestrial broadcasting, it seems likely that this new invention will really be something that should draw the various broadcasting stations attention.

To address the growing needs of the HiHD HDTV platforms in the island, SiS has been very focusing on launching a forged HiHD-Ready solution, SiS217H, with various intensive field tests, and customization to make a contribution in the new arena of the Taiwan HiHD era.

With better resolutions a prime need this time, you can bet the demand for this new technology will be great. Silicon Integrated Systems has been known to deliver quality chips and aids and surely, that alone makes this project a very important and feasible one to have on board their HiHD HDTV needs.

(Source) Press Release Point