Simple Minds Latest Album on Multichannel SACD

Eagle Rock Records has announced that they have released a Multichannel SACD version of the album Cry by Britsh group Simple Minds. Cry is the group’s latest album. It was released on Stereo CD in 2002 and is now available from Eagle Rock Records in Multichannel SACD.

Since the SACD is a Hybrid Layer disc, it offers Multichannel SACD, Stereo SACD and Stereo CD versions of the music on the album. It is playable on both SACD and CD equipment.

According to Eagle Rock, “Simple Minds are one of the most successful British bands over the last 20 years. They’ve had five UK #1 albums and 25 UK top 40 singles, including eight in the top 10.”

As to why they chose to release the latest Simple Minds album on SACD, Eagle Rock officials say that:

“SACD is the next generation of CD technology. Developed by Philips and Sony, the originators of the CD, it uses the new Direct Stream Digital recording system for unbelievable sound quality. Using 2.8 million samples a second, a frequency response extending to 100 KHz (CD goes to 20 KHz) and a dynamic range of 120 dB (CD has 96 dB), combined with 5.1 surround sound, it gives an audio performance that no other format can deliver.”

Album Selections

  1. Cry
  2. Spaceface
  3. New Sunshine Morning
  4. One Step Closer
  5. Face In The Sun
  6. Disconnected
  7. Lazy Lately
  8. Sugar
  9. Sleeping Girl
  10. Cry Again
  11. Slave Nation
  12. The Floating World

The Multichannel SACD of Cry by Simple Minds is now available in Europe on the Eagle Rock Records label. It is also available for purchase from the Amazon.Co.Uk and Pinnacle Entertainment web sites in the U.K.