SIM2 Grand Cinema HT5000E – The Epitome of Power and Precision

We have another hot product launched by SIM2 at CES 2009. I am talking about the company’s new flagship, the Grand Cinema HT5000E. And if it’s an ultra-high end, high light output projector that you’re looking for than this is definitely the one for you.

The HT5000E is based on the latest DLP chipsets from Texas Instruments which will get you some great picture quality. There are three 0.95 inch DarkChip4 DMDs or Digital Micro-mirror Devices used here and they will generate a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which will let you enjoy your favorite shows in HDTV quality.

Purchasing the HT5000E will get you SIM2’s VIP “white glove” service. A SIM2 technician will verify the installation and calibrate the projector. The HTE5000E comes with standard 10/100 Mbit Ethernet connector which can be used for remotely controlling your projector. Details like: serial number, working hours and firmware version can be sent to a special e-mail for later assessment.

In case you’re considering it for your future home cinema, make sure you have the money set aside. The HT5000E will arrive in January 2009 and it will cost $57,995.00. And the lenses for it will sell for $7,995.00. If you’re in the movie business then you should absolutely get one of these projectors.