SIM2 Grand Cinema HT5000

The SIM2 Grand Cinema HT5000 was exhibited at the CES 2007 and it is the first three-chip 1080p DLP model designed specifically for home theater. One comes across some  features like; 1080p video standard (1920×1080) with the remarkable color reproduction, contrast, and brightness of a three-chip configuration. Other specs include; 0.95″ 1080p DarkChip3™ DMD chips, high quality SIM2 optics, and a 300-watt lamp for a bright image with a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and unprecedented color fidelity.

“Three-chip DLP front projection is the ultimate expression of home theater performance,” commented SIM2 Multimedia CEO Maurizio Cini. “Now, through the implementation of the newly introduced 1080p DMD chipset into our three-chip HT5000 projector system, SIM2 is delivering the most engaging and realistic cinematic experience performance ever available in this market.”