Siemens recently announced the SISTORE MX 3G DVR, a real time hybrid digital video recording device, for customers demanding high quality real-time video recording and detailed playback. Based on the TMS320DM648 digital media processor from Texas Instruments Incorporated, the device comes with the ability to support both analog and Internet protocol (IP) systems.

The Siemens SISTORE MX 3G DVR is available in six models and can record up to 16-channels of analog and 16-channels of IP cameras. This energy efficient device can record at 4CIF resolution and provides up to 500 images per second total recording performance. The SISTORE MX 3G integrates two built in Gigabit Ethernet ports and has ability to integrate Siemens SiPass(TM) Access Control System for interoperable security. Plus, this hybrid DVR provides a display subsystem with the capability to support four spot-monitor outputs and dual digital monitors.

The SISTORE MX 3G is now available from Siemens. For more information, visit

Via: Press