Short on Space? You Wont Believe The Insignia NS-LBD32X.

Best Buy, whom I’ve often shook my head over in puzzled wonderment as they did something stupid, has managed to totally redeem itself by hitting on an incredible Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup style invention that should have been done long ago.  You won’t find me complaining, however–better late than never, says I.

What is this thing they’ve wrought? you wonder.  Well, they just got their Blu-ray player in my LCD TV.

Or did they get their LCD TV in my Blu-ray player?

Well, no matter–it’s one of the first ever LCD / Blu-ray combo player, the Insignia NS-LBD32X, coming on the order of “soon” for the impressively low cost of about six hundred bucks.  Sharp actually had a model out sooner but it costs significantly more, even if it does come with a few extra features.

I’m personally very excited about this idea, and hope it pays off big for Best Buy, who could use a punch in the numbers for this Christmas shopping season.