Sherwood RX-4103 Receiver

Sherwood RX-4103 Receiver


  • 2 Channels
  • Stereo Mode Power 105 Watt @ 8 ohm, 40 Hz – 20 kHz, THD: 0.9% Inputs / Outputs
  • Rear Input Connectors
  • RCA (2 Audio Channels) x 4
  • Rear Output Connectors
  • RCA (2 Audio Channels) x 2
  • Front A/V Connections
  • Headphones x 1
  • Speaker Impedance: 8 Ohm • 16 Ohm
  • Speaker Selection: A+B or A/B Tuner Presets: 30 Channels Tone Controls: Bass & Treble
  • Remote Control
  • Dimensions 17.4Wx13Dx5H (inches) Weight 18.0 lb.
  • Price Paid: $88

About 7 months ago I finished our basement, after the better part of two years of on and off work. One of the spaces is a dedicated movie room for the family. The other is a rec room for our daughters, ages 11, 9 and 6. My two older girls both have iPod Nano’s, but I wanted them to experience music without headphones. Originally, I was going to pick up a garage sale receiver, but my wife wanted the ability to silence the music at her discretion.

Sherwood RX-4103 review

Taking that request, I went looking for an inexpensive receiver with remote control. After a few weeks of looking I settled on the Sherwood RX-4103. One of the things I like about this model is that the front has very few buttons, just enough to have control over the inputs. The volume knob has a slow increase in loudness, which I like better than the slight movement, big gain versions.

The speakers are matched up to a pair of Advent Baby II speakers, which I bought at a yard sale for $20. That, along with
1980’s Sony cd player, and a dock for the Nano’s comprises the system. At 105 wpc, it powers the Baby II’s just fine for it’s purpose. It’s not high quality audiophile equipment by any means, but for a good introduction into stereo, it’s a good value. Just make sure that remote is in the control of an adult.

from affordableaudio, By Lane Borroughs