Sherbourn IWA-01 (In-Wall) amplifier

Sherbourn has finally decided to release its new IWA-01 (In-Wall) amplifier in early September 2008. After a long wait, this amplifier will now appear in the market with all its unique features and functionality. Offering a robust 90-watt external power supply, Sherbourn IWA-01 amplifier can drive two pairs of 8-ohm speakers.

This new amplifier from Sherbourn has been especially designed for use with flat panel televisions. The IWA-01 is an affordable amplifier engineered to deliver a sound quality that can enhance a flat-screen’s movie-watching experience. It can also be used as an economical zone amplifier for driving two pairs of speakers.

Sherbourn IWA-01 (In-Wall) amplifier features audio/ video switching, discrete power on/off and an IR remote. Its adjustable 12-volt trigger delay can also be programmed according to the user’s requirements. Apart from this, the IWA-01 comes with a line level and speaker level control, subwoofer output, audio/video signal sensing and high-level balanced inputs.

Via: Press