Sharps DV-AC52 HD recorder


So you guys are looking for an HD Recorder that does not put a hole in your pockets! We have got great news for you. Sharp is launching its series of HD Recorders in Japan. You can pick on an HD Recorder of your choice. Sharp DV-ACW52 model will be available for ?90,000 ($743). DV-AC52 is a single tuner HD Recorder that allows users to enjoy simultaneous recording of two programs (with the Double Hybrid Recording function) from an AQUOS LCD TV*4. Get ready for an extremely different digital experience with the launching of new Sharp models.

Product Specifications:

  • Hard disk: 250GB
  • Electric power consumption 37W
  • External size: (Width ? depth ? height) 434?343?68mm
  • Hard drive to DVD dubbing speed: max. 65X *9
  • Image DAC: 10bit/148.5MHz
  • Input Terminal: S image ?1, Composite ?1 and Analog audio ?1
  • Input/output terminal: I.LINK (TS) ?1
  • Modular ?1
  • Output Terminal: HDMI?1, D4?1, S image ?1, Composite ?1, Analog audio ?2 and Optical digital audio ?1
  • Playable discs: DVD-RW/-R, DVD video, video CDs, standard audio CDs, CD-RW/-R (audio CD format), DVD-RAM*7, DVD+RW, DVD+R (video format finalized)
  • Recordable discs: DVD-RW/-R (CPRM compatible), DVD-R DL (CPRM compatible)
  • Terrestrial analog x 1
  • Video digital-to-analog converter: 10-bit/148.5MHz
  • Weight: Approximately 5kg

Via: Engadget