Sharp Unveils HDTV with Blu-Ray Burner

Sharp scores another first in the HDTV category with the unveiling of the Sharp Aquos DX that comes with a Blu-ray burner. The presence of a Blu-ray burner is perhaps the catch here although it also comes with a built-in TV tuner where the owners can easily record broadcasted TV shows into Blu-ray discs.

And of course, the Blu-ray burner can also play back the usual media formats that include DVDs, MPEG4 and AVC files. In summary, this 20-inch HDTV phenom integrates the usual separate player and burner rolled into one fully functioning entertainment system. And the price? Well this new Sharp Aquos DX HDTV with Blu-ray burner costs a cool $1,590.00. Not a bad deal if you cost them all individually.

The 20-inch AQUOS DX, also known as the LC-20DX1, will be available in Japan on June 20th.

(Source) Slashgear