Sharp Unveils A Very Thin Model Of Blu-ray Recorder At CEATEC

Sharp has unveiled their newest Blu-ray recorder, which is only 35mm thick. Now that’s pretty thin for a recorder, even a portable one. Nonetheless, thinness and portability are certainly things that this device have to offer. It’s also designed to write to BD-R discs and the more recent, expensive 100GB BDXL discs. However, the design of this Sharp Blu-ray recorder has sacrificed the inclusion of an internal HDD to get its thinness.

Despite its writing capacity for BD-R and BDXL discs, the recorder may be less desirable among consumers since it lacks built-in HDD for convenient storage. According to Engadget, the device could be going for a lower retail price since it has less internal hardware than other Blu-ray recorders. Nonetheless, there’s currently no information concerning an actual price or availability at the moment.