Sharp TU-T2HR32 Freeview HD Recorder

sharp-TU-T1UR-freeview-hd The new Sharp TU-T2HR32 is the first Freeview HD PVR boxes to hit the market very soon. This one of its kind HD recorder is sure to make its competitors worried. Though the TU-T2HR32 will join the game with Humax and Samsung, this piano black device is expected to stand out from its new rivals.

The Sharp TU-T2HR32 comes equipped with a 320GB hard drive and Ethernet connectivity that ensures you can update the machine. The recorder is capable of upscaling standard definition programming to full HD. In addition, the Freeview HD tuners will let you watch one channel while recording another. For easy connectivity, the record comes integrated with a USB port.

The Sharp TU-T2HR32 Freeview HD recorder will be available for purchase in May for ?289.99.